Guidelines for Categorization Vendor

Direction for filling the Columns in the screen
Company ProfileMust be present I.e about the company itself explaining the purpose for its existence or the type of business it is dealing into.
StatusIf website Working then – select Opening else select not working, Domain expired, Under Construction. Also if website language is non english then – select Non English. Similarly the option of Flash Site, Redirect Site of respective websites.
Business Type *Business type can be Manufacturer, Industrial Services, Trader, Supplier, Wholesaler, Distributor,Or Exporter only. If any encounter website is apart from said before business type then select the respective option and click on submit to avoid investing time on the same website as it is of Non FCP business type* Check from Note at bottom also.
LocationSelect Country Name. For Hong- Kong , Macau there is option - China (Hong Kong S.A.R.) , China (Macau S.A.R.) respectively in the country selection menu.
Email IdOne email ID has to be included & should match with the one present on original website. Kindly provide the email of that company only which website has opened before you. If email domain matching with website domain then consider that email compared to any other email. Example- email on are and then you should consider
Company ProfileMust be present I.e about the company itself explaining the purpose for its existence or the type of business it is dealing into. *Already well established companies need not to be considered*
Phone, MobileShould match the ones present on original website. Toll free phone numbers are not considered. Please fill the Phn. / Mobile no available at website. If phone no. box is set blank then it will be teated as unavailable. (Criteria is to fill the phn. / mob. no. if its a FCP business type*)
Address(City/State)Should match the ones present on original website or a reference link has to be there for the address from which you have considered. (Selecteion criteria - Y/N)
ProductThere should be at least 3 distinct products available. (Selection criteria is- 3, less than that will go in rejection)
Product Image*****Image should be in jpeg/png/jpg/gif format only. (Selection criteria is- 3, less than that will go in rejection)
Product descriptionProper product description, relevant to the product should be present. Description in tabular form are also considerable.
Special Note:
Note* 1)Business type which are Industrial Service Provider can be considered with the their different services, description & image as products(services should be atleast of minimum of 3 nos.). Business type option will be Industrial Services in this Case. The Industrial dervices are those services which are helping services for Manufacturing Industry. Example – Metal polishing, powder coating, fabrication, refurbishment, etc. Corporate services , Software sevice , Consulting service etc. are not treated as Industrial Service
Note** 2)In case of online payment gateway, add to cart, Buy option can be considered for the Business type of Manufacturer only. i.e. If any Manufacturer who is selling its product online can be considered if all other conditions fulfilled. Needless to say that supplier, distributor, wholesaler, trader, exporter with online selling option will be not considered in FCP criteria. In this case you have to select “Online Shopping”.
Note*** 3)Only Industrial chemical, which are used in Industrial processes (in case of chemical products). Chemical formula for an product image will be not considerable, product must have physical appearance.
Note 4) Regarding BrowserUse Firefox browser instead of google chrome / or any other browser which automatically converts Non English language ingo English one
Note 5) Regarding Image "- Half-Cut image"" are not considerable,
- ""Image not clarifying about the product"", (Irrelevant to product)
- ""Blurred Images"" are not considerable, (High resolution images should not be blur)
- ""Tiny Images"" are not considerable (Try to find the large image, Zoom Images , on clicking them to get the high resolution images),
- ""Obscene Images"", Ignore those products or find some new one to for doing entry.
- ""Irrelevant images corresponding to product""."
Non FCP business type*The websites related to services, restriced websites and other non useful business type- like retailer, importer, Blogging website , Only Informational website, Profile , Biography etc.. Please select the respective related Option and Submit it without filling any other details in the form.
FCP business type*The websites related to manufactuting, Manufacturing Services as Industrial Services, Trade, Wholesae, Supply, Exporter websites only useful business type. Please select the Option go ahead for all other details if available on it. If let suppose product is not available on any supplier then select the buiz type as Supplier , and select 0 from product column and submit it.
Restricted Websites( These need to be rejected)
Any Special Character in Phone number is not allowed
 Companies in Armor Weapons manufacture/Trading/Supply/Exporting /Reparing Services etc.
 Porn / Adult content website.
 Online gambling / Online game websites.
 Service provider websites e.g. Restaurants, Salon, Retailers etc. or of any kind except Industrial Service Providers.
Company/ URL selectionDrugs making / Pharmaceutical drug making companies website – e.g. - Chemical compounds, Formula's, Medicine etc. If pahrma. Company dealing in medical equipment and similar products like medical machinery, equipment etc. Will be considerable
 Hacking service provider / hacking information provider websites.
 Alcoholic /Tobacco products manufacturer/supplier/ trader websites.
 Websites related to airline/aviation industry
 Personal websites, blogs etc.
 Hosted on free platforms such as wordpress etc.
 Any sub domain websites I.e not hosted at root level, cannot be accepted. Example -
 Multimedia/ Entertainment websites such Music/ Videos etc.
 Websites belonging to any kind of animal trading(Live or dead) is not accepted(except for processed foods I.e canned products).
** Check from note at the bottom alsoCompanies with Online product selling option given with product, like Add to cart, payment gateway, Buy option etc. (Exeption is with Manufacturer)
 Websites in non-English language & not having an option of translation. Do not use chrome browser, as it sometimes converts other language into English automatically.
 URL redirecting websites – (They are to be included with the redirected URLs).
 Websites designed in Flash format will not be considerable only if the description are not copyable. There is an option in Status column with “Flash”, please select that.
End. Please contact for any query and clarification ...!!!!
Thank You :)